A bit of sunshine followed by a Tornado.

We had sunshine today, the first for a few weeks.

Nice to feel the sun when out on the platform, but good things don’t last as we then had a Tornado!

Now let me explain for those who think that the station zoomed up in the air as though it was in the Wizard of Oz Film.

Down at Sandy in Bedfordshire the locomotive Tornado hauling a tour decided to fail, at the time of writing this I have seen no definitive reasons being posted.

Anyway, it was towed slowly to Peterborough station then onto our railway so that inspection and possibly repairs could be carried out.

It arrived at Orton Mere behind a class 66 and was complete with support coach. The class 66 dropped off the loco and one of our own diesels, a class 14 hauled it down to the main Wansford station. It provided something for passers by to watch and something for the non-paying public to come and photograph.

Here are four images, two of the class 66, one of the class 14 and one of Tornado as it left for Wansford.

Click on the images for larger versions.

It was an interesting Saturday, let’s see what tomorrow brings!!