Sandwiches and Tea

On Saturday I had a distraught member in the station.

The previous Sunday Keith had come down with his crack(ed) S&T team and I had not made mention of it in my blog.

The poor chap was beside himself, and the sight of two Keith’s is a sight I never want to see again, so here is a mention of the crack(ed) S&T team

Now I must state at this stage that there is no truth in the rumour that they were in a sulk when they arrived on the train because the crew refused to put the royal head code on the front to mark their trip. They were actually in a sulk because there was a good chance at least one of them would have to spend money before they could leave again.

Once they had yawned, stretched and yawned again they were ready to face the day.

Here is a picture of Keith and one of his side kicks taking Rebecca a walk before putting her to work. The keen ones will note they went through platform 2 and were just out of range of Arkwright’s money radar.

You will also note that they even posed for the picture. Heaven knows why, they were not moving so fast as to give me the chance of an action shot anyway.

At lunch time Keith told his crack(ed) crew he was taking them to lunch, much to their disgust they got no further than the station building.

Here they are eating their gourmet sandwiches, and looking worried in case their wallets showed up on the stations money detector.

They made the place look like the  wheel tappers and shunters club.

So there you had it the crack(ed) S& T team at Orton Mere, apparently they will be back later in the year to do more work once they have crowd funded some money from the members of the railway for therapy after the visit.



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  1. S&T Keith

    S&T have it clearly in their risk assessments the potential for having to spend money when they work at Orton. A wallet security check is carried out as part of the daily safety brief.
    Occasionally there are lapses of attention and the (thankfully) occasional choc bar or ice cream purchase is made.

    As an extra precaution before his visit last Saturday it should be noted that Keith emptied his purse at Overton prior to coming to Orton.

  2. Dan, Dan the T man in S&T

    Note to self – I will remember to leave my wallet at Wansford next time.

    Although maybe some blackmail could take place in the form of your phone stopping working 🙂
    I know where the telephone switch power button is, and not afraid to use it lol