The sun shone and they all stayed at home.

Well we knew that Saturday would be quiet, after all we had two cup finals and the royal wedding.

Actually it was dead, all we were missing was tumbleweed rolling down the platform.

The railway chose to run a diesel service on Saturday and that was a wise decision.

Here are a couple of shots of the class 31 that hauled all the services.

As you can see from the images it was a lovely day weather wise, but most people seemed glued to their televisions.

So that brings us to Sunday, another super day weather wise with wall to wall sunshine. So what could possibly go wrong..

Ah well, the first service ran OK with steam, here is a picture of the loco arriving at my station from City Centre.

It must be said at this point that Sunday was not that busy, it was not dead but certainly it was not as busy as I would have expected.

After first service arrived at Wansford we were told that it had failed, and the hunt was on for a diesel driver. The hunt and subsequent trek in for the driver meant that second service was cancelled and the last two services were hauled by a class 14. Here it is arriving hauling third service from the City Centre.

So ended an eventful but quiet weekend.

It has been said many times that there should always be a standby crew and locomotive available on all running days, there arguments for and against this.

But my thoughts are that we would have had a few unhappy visitors if it had been a busy weekend. having said that of course hindsight is a tremendous facility.

This coming weekend is yet another of our British bank holidays, so three days of services. We are prepared, the ice cream is in and so are the cold drinks. Who will take a bet on it being wet and cold?