So where were all the storms then?

Last weekend the weather forecast for around this area showed that we could be in for a bumpy few days. As it turned out we saw no storms at all, not a spot of rain nor a rumble of thunder.

Now without doubt the forecast kept people away, but even so it was a really nice bank holiday customer wise with some really nice people in. Other than that not a lot to say really.

This weekend sees a model railway weekend with model railway layouts Peterborough & Wansford. I hope it will be a nice busy weekend, but we shall see.


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  1. monica

    How annoying when a weather report scares people away. I mean it’s okay when the weather cooperates, but when it doesn’t it seems all for naught. Sigh. Well, I hope you had a nice holiday anyway, despite the absence of tourists. Though, seeing how we in San Diego rarely get it, I love a good rain.