The Tuesday After The Weekend Before.

Well here I am late Tuesday afternoon sitting down to write the blog for the weekend just gone.

But what do I say? How do I convey the weekend? What were the highs and the lows?

Well to be honest if I was just going to talk about the above then I might just as well stop here.

Certainly it won’t go down as either one of the busiest or the quietest weekends, and there were really no outstanding bits. It was pretty average.

I could of course compare the money taken with that taken the same weekend in previous years. But that would prove not a lot as takings vary such a lot and often have no bearing on the weather or what’s on at the railway unless it’s a mega big event, and the railway exhibition last weekend certainly does not come into that category, at least at my station.

We can have really dull weekends and be busy and really sunny hot weekends and be relatively quiet. If it’s too cold then people don’t come to visit they stay at home and if it’s too nice they go to the seaside. It is so unpredictable.

On Saturday the wife did comment after looking down towards the level crossing and across the car park that it was remarkably quiet for a summer Saturday, and she was right there was just nobody about, and this is becoming more and more the norm, days we are open when there is nobody about.

We ran diesel on Saturday and that won’t have helped numbers, but having said that on the Saturday with a diesel service somebody complained we had no steam, and on Sunday with a steam service somebody complained we were not running any diesels. You just can’t please some people. I have long been convinced that some people are trained to complain from birth, it’s just in their genes. Social Media seems to be breeding a generation that will complain about anything often in the vain hope they will get a refund or free tickets for another visit. This is often commented on across the internet. People panic they will get a bad review. Personally speaking I am less trusting of places that never get a bad review than those that get the occasional one. Having said that I often look at reviews and my first impression is that the reviews are mostly fake. What do you think?

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  1. Terry Tyler

    Just been looking at your blog, as I like the whole steam train thing. In Sheringham, near where I used to live, they have things like 1940s weekends, which attract masses of visitors, though I do understand that it must be easier in a town with a ready-made tourist industry! As someone with only a mild interest in these things (ie, your average punter, not an enthusiast), I would only be interested in a railway that ran steam, but then I know locomotive fanatics will feel differently. Don’t know if that’s of any interest/help to you!! If you want any advice re social media, which of course is great free advertising, it might be a good idea to follow more family orientated people in your area. You know, the sort who have days out to heritage railways!