Sometimes you just know.

You occasionally have a couple of days when you just know it will be quiet. The odds are stacked against you and there is not a lot you can do about it.

Take this weekend for example.

Lets look at what we were up against today.

England World Cup Match starting at 3pm
Wimbledon Tennis
British F1 Grand Prix qualifying
Local dog show at the show ground
Hot humid day with temperatures approaching 30c
Diesel main service due to fire risk

I mean it’s a pretty formidable list to be up against, and there is not a lot you can do about any of it.

You could argue of course that you need to get the maximum out of the customers you do have, the snag with that is that you have to have the customers to start with.

Today we had a 100% success rate and sold something, be it a ticket or ice cream to everybody that walked through the door. But before you get carried away you must remember that the number we actually had visit was not exactly high.

Now this I can understand, given the choice I would not have ventured out today, I found it far too hot and humid, there was a breeze but it was nothing to get excited about and did little if anything to cool things down.

We shall see what tomorrow brings, as long as it brings more than just heat and humidity.