A treat for Keith.

Today the bored chairman, sorry make that chairman of the board was seen flashing a £20 note in front of Arkwright.

I did not raise to the bait as I know full well that the only way he would have a note of that value would be if it was on loan, and I would hate him to spend it at Orton and then not be able to pay back the loan


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  1. Keith Parkinson

    That is so thoughtful of you, and you should be pleased that your hearing is so good it could hear the rustling of the paper above the train.

  2. Keith Parkinson

    But the stranger thing happened on the east bound leg of the journey with only one remaining station but the lad porter still asked me where I was going. Bless him.

  3. Jason Isaac

    Before I know keith you could of been going to Ferry Meadows but you couldn’t resisit going past Orton Mere first to annoy arkwright. lol