Not normally on a Wednesday.

Some days are better than others.

Now I can already see the start of a glazed look of confusion, so let me explain.

Certain days of the week are, business wise better than others.

In the case of Orton Mere station the best days are normally Saturday and Sunday, assuming of course that the trains are running.

But what about other days? Well we often run services on a Wednesday so what about that day business wise? What indeed.

Wednesday running days are nothing like the weekend, for a start most of the locals are at work. The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that I don’t normally open Orton Mere on a Wednesday. The reason for this is simple. normally it’s dead and it can cost me more to get too and from the station than I take in the till!

For a time we opened every Wednesday that the trains ran, and my worst ever days business wise have all been Wednesdays. The average customers were normally bored mothers with an ankle snapper in tow, we provided a place for them to meet their friend complete with their own ankle snapper and spend an hour or so nursing a single drink and chat to their friend whilst the ankle snappers ran riot screaming round the place.

I wondered more than once why they could hear every word their friends said but could not hear the screams of their off springs. Their conversations were normally loud and covered a variety of subjects ranging from the state of their love life, the chances of getting a baby sitter for the following Friday so they could go to a local club and come home with a few hours entertainment in the horizontal mode, to the chances of their next period arriving on time or even at all.

Trust me it was not worth the one pound they had paid in those days for their tea or coffee It was like a real life agony aunt page from the current favourite womens magazine. So we abandoned Wednesday opening and regained our hope in the younger generation.

But last Wednesday I needed a delivery so we thought what the hell we would open. Tom helped me with cover and Rosemary turned up to do the garden.

By 9.15am the delivery had arrived and was sorted, so we settled down with a good book. In total we had four visitors, two to travel who already had tickets, a third looking for a toilet and the fourth looking for sympathy. The last two were both disapointed.

Wednesdays had not changed. Shame we are there again this week for some electrical work!!