The Eastenders at the East End!

Last weekend plus Tuesday saw a bit of excitement at Orton Mere.

We played host to the BBC who were shooting some scenes for the soap Eastenders.

Shall we say it was an interesting weekend!

Certainly on any of the three days the weather was not in their favour, but they were a hardy bunch and just got on with what needed to be done.

Saturday was setup day and watching them you realised how much effort is needed and put into shooting what will end up as just a few scenes in a single episode.
Watching them you rapidly realise that they have done the same things thousands of times before, and that they are skilled at their job. Oh that I could get new station signs put up so quickly in real life.

Sunday was the first of two days shooting and it rained for 95% of the time. Now I must admit I think this worked in our favours. It kept the watchers and the none paying public away and let them just get on with it.

Now before you ask me which of the actors and what the story line was I will admit to not having a clue. I am not a soap fan so had no idea who was in what they were filming. But the actors, crew and extras were a pleasure to see at work, and appreciate the professionalism and commitment they put into the whole thing.
Now the cynical amongst you might well be saying that they are well paid for what they do, and whilst this is true it does not in any way detract from their obvious professional attitude.

Monday was a fine day, shame they were filming at Wansford and not at Orton Mere! But, they were back on Tuesday and so was the rain. By late afternoon the filming was finished, the set all dismantled and they were all gone, it was as though they had never been there in the first place.

We were set for a wet quiet boring weekend with few passengers. But we ended up with three interesting days and an insight into a whole new world.

We are all looking forward to more filming at the station, and who know what it will be next time.