I did not enjoy this bank holiday weekend.

It’s rare I write the blog on a running day, but these past three days over the late August bank holiday have not been enjoyable.

The reason is quite simple it’s all down to the weather. All three days have seen the temp above 30c and today (Monday,) it went above 33c at its peak.

It’s been a hot sticky and average business wise bank holiday.

The three days saw Saturday and Sunday have a steam service plus the Swedish railcar, and today we had an all diesel day with the Peak and the railcar.

Here are a couple of pictures, one of the steam loco we ran and another of the peak. I am pleased with both of them considering they were taken on my iPhone.

On Sunday the steam crew really suffered due to the heat and the last steam service was cancelled and the railcar did a bit extra to get visitors to the station.

Speaking personally I could not have done what the steam crew managed to do on the two days, personally I think it was beyond what could be expected from an unpaid volunteer.

None of the days were exceptionally busy at the station, steady would be an accurate description. The locals were mostly missing and there were not that many visitors who came to the station either. It was, in simple terms just too hot.

I do not envy those who decided to fight their way through traffic and go to the seaside. I suppose the sensible thing would have been to stay at home in the shade or indoors.

Next weekend is forecast to be cooler and if it is I will be grateful. I want no repeat of this bank holidays weather.