Well here we are in 2011

Well Happy New Year to the followers of this blog.

2011 is upon us and without doubt in my opinion it will be a difficult year, and from the railway point of view one where every visitor or passenger counts.

Over this New year three day period we are running trains, however I am not open at Orton Mere quite simply because I have no cover staff wise. My wife says quite rightly it’s too cold down there and also she works full time and has had a very busy Christmas. I would have opened if I had cover to assist me, as I don’t then we are closed.

No doubt there will be some people who will have surfaced during the Santa specials and helped on quite a few days, this is because the Santa trains are looked upon as “Fun” now no doubt when we get to the difficult bit of providing a  normal service in what can be tricky unpredictable weather they will fade away until next November and not be heard or seen of until then.

Now I know some will say well they are volunteers, and that is true. However, to paraphrase a well known saying “The railway is for all year not just for Christmas”.

It is vitally important that the railway makes as much profit this year as it can, as without that profit there will be no Santa trains or for that matter trains of any sort. So if your one of those who surfaces for the Santa trains or only when the sunshine is out and it is warm just think of the volunteers who turn up in all weathers to provide visitors to the railway with a service. Leave your nice warm fire and come along and help when it’s cold and the sun is not out, despite what you may think it is fun all weathers on the railway.

If that has not convinced you then think of the steam crews who are there at 5am in the snow as they were some days of the Santa’s getting the locomotive ready for service. They have my total admiration for their commitment and dedication to the railway. Just think of them next time it’s cold and your in the warm as you only volunteer for the good bits.


A.K.A Old Arkwright

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Happy new year to you Robert! I really hope that you get some volunteers to help you with the great work that you do at the station.