Decisions Decisions

I am sitting here in the office, coughing, spluttering and sneezing away, feeling a bit hot with a slight gloss finish deciding if I will be fit enough or not to open on Sunday.

This has not been the best of weeks, I have felt terrible for most of it, and show no real sign of feeling  much better. Still looking on the bright side if I do open on Sunday I may be able to give a few germs to those visitors who came last year full of self importance and stupid questions. Arkwrights revenge so to speak. The station has a motto and it is “All customers bring us pleasure, some when they arrive and some when they leave”!!!

Most likely I will open as I need to get out of the office and the house and into the fresh air. Plus it can’t do my keyboard much use me keep dripping on it.

Still looking on the bright side I have a couple of new projects I want to get my teeth into work wise this year so that will keep me busy and hopefully will eventually bring in a few pennies.

keeping wellThe above picture reminds me I must wrap up warm on Sunday if it’s cold then customers who order a hot drink can expect it to be cold by the time it gets from the urn to them!!

oneofthosedays This one will be me by the end of Sunday most likely, I think I will print it out and stick it on the counter as a hint to people!! Mind you they don’t read so most likely it would be a waste of time. If I get one more person read the time board outside and then come in and ask the train times this year I will scream!!!

Right on with some work, I can’t sit here planning what I am going to do on the railway it would go against tradition.