Here we go again

Back at the station for another action packed year and the first day did not disappoint. Well Nathan saw action when heating up some soup, and he had a minor eruption in the machine and ended up cleaning it.

Nathan  moaned about the cold, tut tut these youngsters don’t know what cold is!!!!! When I were a lad we had ice blocks in the fireplace to warm up the cave!!!

Highlight of the day was a pleasant chap complete with an Elmer Fudd hat and a pint sized dog asking after ice cream!

Nathan had bought his DVD portable player and we watched a few episodes of Oh Doctor Beeching!!! It was so realistic I thought we were watching the Wansford security cameras!!!!

Other than that we sold some tea and coffee but no tickets, train was certainly quiet.

But quiet and cold or not it was nice to be back in the Sunday routine at the station, looking forward to next Sunday.