The warmest it’s been cold so far.

Except for the wind it felt quite mild today in the station, I am not sure if the hot air from Paddy and I had anything to do with it though

CIMG0345   CIMG0347

As you can see from the pictures above we were not exactly bathed in sunshine.

A steady day customer wise with good ticket sales, we even had a few children dragging unwilling parents in for ice cream, which we don’t stock at this time of year.  Hardy creatures children they decide they want stuff even though it is not the ideal weather for what they want..

No 377 King Hakkon pulled it’s last public services with us today before it returns to Bressingham it’s home railway.

CIMG0349Here it is on platform 1 at Orton Mere on it’s last trip of the day heading back towards Wansford. Despite it’s limited pulling power it has on it’s two visits to NVR proved a popular engine with both crews and the visiting public alike. It makes a bit of noise and has a loud whistle which are two things that appeal to the younger visitor.

First surprise of the day was when we spied young Matt on the footplate, it’s unusual to see him near anything that could ruffle his hairdo or deposit black smut anywhere. But I am pleased to report he seemed to be enjoying himself and seemed to be no dirtier at the end of the day than he did at the start, and I can assure readers there is no truth in the rumour that a mirror and hair gel was spotted on the footplate.

Paddy was his normal self and it was nice to have him back at the station after the winter break, he arrived on his bike a feint shade of blue and puffing slightly, personally I reckon he is still working off the Christmas extra food.

All in all an excellent day and we now have a week to recover before services again next Sunday.

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Well done to young Matt for risking hair and style by going on the train…. you are obviously cracking ’em bit by bit!