Another cold day


Today was another cold day, quiet as well which was surprising as we had some nice sunshine for most of the time we were open. Nice frost first thing though.

Lots of requests for the new timetables which we are still awaiting delivery of, but all were pointed in the direction of the railway web site and seemed happy.

Paddy provided cover with me today and as always he was in happy mode. I still don’t know how he does it!!

We just managed to get above freezing today and I never cease to be amazed at the number of men walking round in shorts or cut off trousers and trainers with no socks. The like the cold more than I do!! Saw one chap with his wife wrapped against he elements and he was in shorts and a t-shirt, I was lost for words.

Caught the last train to Ferry tonight so I could get the bus home, had a chat with Neville and Robert which rounded the day off nicely, always like a chat with them both, and I still miss working with them which I did during my first year on the railway.