Knock three times is anybody there?

To say today was quiet would be an understatement, a mortuary on a Monday morning has more life.

I had Nathan with me today, he changed his plans to give me cover at the station when nobody else responded to my requests via email, and for that I am grateful.

We did not have a serious customer until just before the third train, I know the light rain did not help but even the regular idiots stayed at home and deprived me of entertainment.

Once the weather improved we had a few wander through the door but it was all small stuff with the off couple of ice creams and the like. Even the the tickets I sold were nothing exciting, just a couple of singles one way and 3 returns the other.

Highlight of the day for Nathan was washing the platform by the door where a family who came on the platform last night about 8pm let their child urinate. I had the pleasure of clearing the wrappers and other assorted junk I saw them leave on the platform when I checked the CCTV footage. How can people behave like this is beyond me. I dread to think how they behave at home and what state their home is in.

So that’s it an exciting day at the cutting edge of the Peterborough tourist market. Brian is with me tomorrow, I hope he brings a good book!!!

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  1. stephen longmire

    where are those photos of nathan ?????

  2. Old Arkwright

    No photos today, the ones taken can only be viewed in a darkened room with access to Asprin and water.