Saturday excitement

Well a mixed day, not as busy as expected, but better than it could have been.

Had some really nice people in today and they all made the day go quicker despite it being cold and dismal.

Phill helped me today for the first time and seemed to enjoy himself, he trotted off to do the far end of the platform and see a train out without a murmur, so that saved me a few walks.

Got some stock as well so that was good, bit of a mess up with stock being taken off by other stations when it should not have been, but steps will be taken to ensure this does NOT happen again, and if it does then staff will be removed from the ROTA at their station and replaced. I do not run a crèche! I know I said that this blog was not for moans but this incident has really annoyed me and as I say steps will be taken to ensure there is NO repeat.

The Civils team were down today working away, they are part of the railway that’s out in all weathers ensuring that the track is safe. Rarely they get a mention. Pictures of them in action a few years ago can be found here.

It’s amazing how many visitors don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes, they seem to think that the maintenance just happens!!

Another operating day tomorrow and Paddy is with me, that should keep me awake in slack times!!

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  1. Phill B

    Did enjoy myself with old Arkwright on the 13th, even if I looked a bit glum. Had a serious painful back problem that day, which comes and goes. Went to the old quack in the evening, and they said they think I have put my back out when I triped on a bus earlier this year. More pain killers, thank you!
    Happy to help you again Arkwright old mate, even while I am not able to be guard due to other things, just let me know when you need me, and I will make sure I wrap up warmer!
    Must thank you again for the wonderful suprise you had for me that day.