Dull, bright, dismal & our very own Tornado

Good day today, nice customers and a bit of amusement.

The day got off to a good start with a lady and little boy coming in whilst I was still sorting out.

“11.14 the first train” asked the woman, when I replied in the affirmative  she continued “Oh good my little grandson is so good with time”

Followed by the gem. “I don’t suppose you could get one here earlier so he can see it can you?”. She accepted no with good grace and they went on their way.

After a start like that you just know it will be an amusing day. Plus there was possible excitement ahead later if we were busy enough.

Then we had the station tornado arrive on his bike. Paddy the tornado is always happy, in fact as I have said before he is like a terrier on steroids. In the kitchen area he sings, with a voice that could worry sheep !!

The train arrived with double trouble in the way of Ian and Ian, they say trouble comes in twos. Not often the guard has somebody riding shotgun, I know the area is bad at night, but this was full daylight!

Now first thing in the morning I had lent my city centre keys to Peter who had locked his in the PNVR station building the previous evening when he had gone back for his Elmer Fudd hat. He promised he would send them back down on the first train with the guard. Now I must admit that I forgot about that when the first train back to Wansford arrived. Only to be reminded by a puzzled Neville at Ferry Meadows phoning me asking why the guard had given his son Robert some keys!!!

The guard had got the wrong Robert, so I was finally reunited with the keys on the second trip of the day.

In between this we had dark clouds, Paddy singing and some nice customers, plus a request for Ice Cream. Then to top it all a woman came in not 30 seconds after Paddy & I had decided it was cold in the building saying it was warm inside! Even Paddy was lost for words for about 5 seconds.

The possible excitement mentioned above finally happened, we opened the new tub of coffee, the old stuff being hybrid mixture of two types of Nescafe and a bit of Kenco for good measure, shame I did not make a note of the ratios because we have had several people say how nice it tasted.

In true NVR tradition all services today were late but the last journey of the day to Wansford was a milestone in that it was the earliest it had been late all day, shame nobody wanted to get on. Mind you the platform was well populated with none paying lookers.

The day was rounded off nicely by four requests for timetables whilst I was awaiting the arrival of my transport home, thankfully I had some in my fleece pocket so all went off happy.

Some days just flow and some are a pain from start to finish, I am pleased to say today was the former and most enjoyable.