A cracking day Grommet

Well what an excellent day, busier passenger wise than either Saturday and Sunday. Amazing how a bit of sun brings people out.

There were some nice people as well, Paddy and I put the world to rights between trains so most enjoyable.

Paddy arrived on a new bike he got for Christmas, you can tell it’s the new one because there is less mud on it!!

Class 14 Diesel pulling the main service rather than steam, but all passengers were happy, one bunch even commented it would be nice to travel behind both diesel and steam!!

Gem of the day was two women with a bunch of kids who looked through the door, looked at me and one said to the other “I don’t think this is the type of place we can sit for a few hours and not buy something.”  How right they were!!!!

Although the trains are tuning the next couple of days OM station building will be closed as I have a busy time work wise. So next bit of excitement will be on Saturday.