Snow stops play

Well yet more snow today anybody would think it was winter!!

All three stations shut,(PNVR later decided to open) I doubt if many will be about at OM but then again we do get the odd crackpot who will think it’s worth trotting out in this weather.

Shame really as a day working with Paddy will always bring amusement, still I can sit in the warm which can’t be a bad alternative to getting cold and soaked on a station.

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  1. Phill B

    Got up this morning (sounds like the start of a blues song!) and thought, “hmmmm, think I’ll take a wander down to Orton Mere, see how old Arkwright is”.
    Stuck my nose through the curtains and sniffed the weather, thought to myself, “Old Arkwright can take care of himself, and my living room is nice and warm thank you!”
    So I stayed home. So glad I did as seems A of O was also tucked up nice and warm at home too!
    Never mind, he offered me a coffee at his place in the week. Bet I have to pay for it there too!:)

  2. Lady M x

    Crikey, you’ve got snow? I thought you were just down the road from Oxford…. you aren’t using it as a sneaky excuse for a day off now are you?!!