Care in the community.

A few people have sent me emails asking for more amusing moments from the cutting edge of a station on a preserved railway.

So I am more than happy to oblige.

Things we have been asked or told recently.

1 Do you sell doggie do do bags and shovels?

2 Why don’t you have bus timetables as you have your railway one?

3 Why was that last train on time, it’s normally late and I have missed it

4 My son and I just want a single to Wansford but to save daddy driving to collect us can we use the single both ways?

5 This coffee is hot! I did not expect that (Heaven knows if she likes cold coffee)

6 I dropped 50p outside on the path last week has it been handed in?

7 We don’t have a steam railway by where we live, and we go on it regularly (Don’t ask!!!)

8 I know you can take bikes on the train how about cars?

As you can see care in the community is alive and well. Tomorrow we will be open and running a steam service, I await with interest to see what will drift customer wise through the doors.