A run on tea

Funny old day today, not a single ticket sold but a nice run on tea and coffee.

A flood in the car park did not help, but early on we had a visit by a visit from Sky, no Arkwright is not destined to be a TV star, he was looking to film as they had received reports of possibly people drowning in the flooded river. He was redirected to a place with even more water further down the river. This was because many of the people who I would given the chance happily chuck in the river were not in sight.

Trains all ran slightly late as per normal and the normal photography lookers and not spenders out in force down at the foot crossing.

Not as cold as it has been I am pleased to say but dull damp and dismal.

Day passed quickly with Nigel and Sally helping and highlight of the day was shelves falling out of an old dilapidated display stand as it was being taken out to go to PNVR for appraisal, in the end it went via PNVR to mission control at Wansford for disposal. Good job it was not mirrored glass or poor Nigel would have had 21 years bad luck!

Flat packed cardboard box arrived for recycling batteries in, I opened it took one look at the flat pack box which looked like an MFI reject without the unreadable instructions and passed it to Nigel to unfold and sort which he did in double quick time and had a that was easy grin on his face when he showed it me.

Nigels comment made me remember our lost walkers, two who walked down the track because they claimed they got lost and there was water covering the path they were on, Heaven knows how they thought railway ballast was a path but then again it takes all sorts, they were spoken to and left the station.

Next week we have the spring Diesel Gala and Arkwright is off to look after Ferry Meadows for the weekend, I will be babysitting it for Neville and Robert. It will make a change to go back to the station I first started at on the railway and I am looking forward to it, though no doubt I will be happy to get back to my own station the week after.

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  1. Young Nigel

    No lost walkers?