Arkwright on holiday day two

Well  second day at Ferry Meadows and second day of the diesel gala today.

I have found this gala a bit unusual, not one miserable passenger, not one moan or groan. For a diesel gala it is not natural!!

Had Peter C with me today and have not seen Peter since before Christmas so really nice to work with him again, and hopefully  will do again many more times this year. He is one of the people who helps make the day just flow and be enjoyable.

Trains started late and ended up on time today, which is something else unusual, but not to be moaned at. Matt one of the guards has his normal big smile, looked like an extra white light on the train! He is always happy, must be something in the Ely water supply.

Talking of always happy Harry popped in for a chat both days, and he is always happy as well, quite tires me out it does all this happiness!!

Enjoyed my two days at Ferry Meadows but will be pleased to get back to my own station next Sunday.

Quotes from the weekend:-

1 Could you turn the sound off on the crossing as I want to film the train over the crossing and the warning sound will ruin the film.

2 Do you do tea? Yes… Excellent, one coffee please!

3 Is this one day ticket good for both days? (This was when it was purchased on the second day!!)

4 Do trains pass at this station? (For those who don’t know we have at FM one track and one platform).

Had some good reports from some of my regulars about Sally and Nigel who were babysitting Orton Mere for the weekend, which were nice to hear, as people will more often moan than they will praise. One woman commented about Peter at PNVR saying she would have liked to have popped him in her pocket, Can’t really comment as I did not see the size of the pocket!

No more services now until next Sunday but a busy week ahead work wise.

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  1. Lady M x

    Do you do sandwiches? One doughnut for me please! Sounds like you are having fun – what with passengers not moaning and trains arriving on time (you should have a go with Arriva)!