Sun, fun and an incident form.

What a super day, the sun shone and it was nice to see trains out without wearing a fleece, certainly the most enjoyable day of the year so far.

Paddy and Harry were in form and helped the day go quickly.

Three services each way and a small rush for tickets on the first service got the day off to a good start. A few regulars appeared out of the woodwork as well which was nice.

Had the pleasure of filling in an incident form when a male complete with child and dog decided to trot up the track after the second service into Peterborough, it never ceases to amaze me that adults would encourage their children through their own actions to trespass on an operational running railway. In my humble opinion they are saying to their child that it is OK to trespass on a railway, well perhaps next time it will be on a main line and the trains will be going a darn sight faster than ours do. This is the one subject I feel most strongly about.

Anyway the nice pleasurable bits of the day offset that incident. Nice to see the trains busy and people enjoying themselves, and most importantly spending money!!

Had a brief chat with Neville and Robert at Ferry meadows on the way home and that always rounds the day off nicely.

All in all an excellent day.

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  1. Annie ( Lady M)

    You are kidding me? Someone took their kid onto the tracks? That is just stupid!