It’s raining it must almost be Easter

Well sitting here looking at the rain coming down. Should be super for the next ten days as we trundle through Easter and the week beyond.

No doubt at the end of it we will want a bulk purchase of something to calm us down.

It’s a funny time the week after Easter as we will have mothers pushing their children along in buggies or shouting at them to keep up.

Over Easter itself there will be families out with dad looking as though he would rather be sitting in front of the TV watching the endless sport.

Plus of course the rain and the wind, those two ingredients are becoming more of a tradition than Easter eggs.

So here we go ten days of fun and counting……………………………………

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  1. Stuart

    So I took a walk down to see you today – and we had a chat etc. Was good fun – only spoiled on the way back up the road to the traffic lights be the asian family…..

    They consisted of Granny, mummy, and two kids

    I thought it nice to see them walk among the geese throwing down half a loaf of bread – until I spotted Granny a little further toward the model boat lake emptying what looked like the contents of the hoover, some empty cans, and some used tissues out of a plastic bag onto the grass…..No number on show anywhere to alert the park rangers (not that it would have done any good by the time they arrived the litter bugs would be gone)

    But doesnt it make you feel sometimes like taking your wheelie bin round to their house and dumping the contents on their back garden?

    Seee you next time