A Bank Holiday of Three Halves.

Last weekend was the last bank holiday of the summer.

It was at the station most enjoyable, the weather varied over the three days, but then again bank holidays would not be the same without some rain.

We had the Swedish railcar running on the Fletton Branch for the three days with steam pulling the main services on Saturday and Sunday. Monday main services were hauled by a diesel.

Really nice visitors were the norm on all three days, lots of visitors to the area and not that many locals.

Comment of the weekend was from an old man who sat observing the Swedish railcar and remarked…. With all that smoke out of it are you sure it isn’t steam? I must admit I chuckled at that.

It was nice to see visitors returning to the station after the quiet hot couple of months we have had.

Here are a couple of pictures, one of the steam loco on it’s last weekend with us and the other of the Swedish railcar.


If you go down to the Mere today, (Yesterday actually) You’re sure of a big surprise.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the first day of a two day teddy bears picnic event.

I can’t remember when we last run a major event midweek, and certainly not during the school summer holidays. So I will admit I was interested more than normal as to how it would go.

Actually I really enjoyed the day, the train was well over 50% full on the first run of the day, and it was nice to see so many families travelling.

The weather was in our favour, with nice sunshine, as can be seen from this picture of the train heading back towards Wansford.

Station wise we had some nice visitors, except perhaps for one family who seemed unable to control their children who were, to put it mildly loud and badly behaved with no control shown by either parent.

Thankfully the train was about on time so peace soon descended on the station.

I look forward to more midweek events during other holiday periods.

It was a bit quiet.

Last weekend was similar to previous weeks in that it was hot and quiet.

Very few people about, certainly seeing very few of the regulars.

Perhaps they have gone to ground, who knows? Certainly they are not spending money with me.

Nice to see the Peak running at the weekend.

Here to brighten up the post are a couple of pictures.

This wekend we have rain forecast, we shall see… Can’t get too excited just yet..

But what happens at other times?

Now I am sure that like me regular readers will have grown a little tired reading about the activities of the previous weekend.

There are only so many weeks you can comment on the weather, lack of steam and the heat before it gets a bit boring, and if it’s boring writing about it then heaven knows what it’s doing to you lot reading it.

So this week we will cover something different. We will cover the extra curricular activities of the locals.

Locals will vouch for the fact that we have some strange people visit Orton Mere Station after we have shut, not that we don’t have strange people visit when we are open, but the two groups should not be mixed together.

For as long as I can remember the station has been the haunt of bored locals looking for a bit of recreation after dark, and by recreation I don’t mean a quick game of cards or Monopoly. I would guess over the years that it’s not only ideas that have been conceived at the station.

The rest of Peterborough have bus shelters, the Orton locals have the station benches. But at least it explains why the preservative coating on the benches wears out quite quickly.

It was once said that if the place of conception had to be put on birth certificates then the local registrars office would have a rubber stamp for Orton Mere Station.

Now I know that you’re all thinking that this has nothing to do with working on the station, well you would be wrong, actually some of the evening visitors find they have a need for a PTS, but in their case it’s the Pregnancy Testing Service.

Some of you no doubt are thinking, how can we let this happen? Well if you fancy trying to stop it then feel free to pop down on a Saturday or Sunday evening, you may even be surprised but I will put in a guess that you will also perhaps be educated.

These activities do occasionally provide entertainment and even work for the staff. Normally they don’t leave rubbish about but occasionally we will come across half empty lager cans and bits of foil paper, but surprisingly in fourteen years we have never come across the contents of the foil paper left on the platform. I have memories of poor Jason having to nip onto the track to recover a set of women clothes strewn across the track, and the puzzled look on his face when he held up a thong. For a minute I did wonder if he would ask why they had bought a sling shot with them.

Perhaps if we ever do another 1940’s weekend we could set up seating on platform 2 looking towards platform 1 and say we are recreating a revue bar or perhaps the Windmill.

Now that’s a thought, we could charge an fee, that would be I hasten to add for those on platform 2 not those on platform 1

Anybody know where I can get decent seating from for free?

Make the best of it

Now unless you have been camping in the depths of the engine shed you will have noticed we are in the middle of a heatwave.

Most people are enjoying it, but some are thinking of the end. To those on the railway who are looking forward to colder times, just remember that thought for next winter when you are either on a station, or working at Wansford in the freezing cold with the wind whistling round your signalling equipment.

We have a saying in the winter at Orton Mere and that is… Would you like a cold drink off the side or a warm one out of the chiller!

Think of that next winter….

A treat for Keith.

Today the bored chairman, sorry make that chairman of the board was seen flashing a £20 note in front of Arkwright.

I did not raise to the bait as I know full well that the only way he would have a note of that value would be if it was on loan, and I would hate him to spend it at Orton and then not be able to pay back the loan


Oh Excellent You Have Pepsi-Max In Stock.

When I started in retail back in the early 1970’s one thing I learnt very quickly was that you get an odd assortment of people through the door, and that appearance is no guide at all as to wether they will spend money or not. After all it was once said that the people who say money does not matter are the people with all the money!

All the above holds true at the railway, I am sure that odd balls have some magnetic attraction to not only the railway but especially Orton Mere Station. You will, if you have read this blog on a regular basis seen that the weird and wonderful visitors are often included in my postings.

You are probably also wondering what this has to do with the subject line of this posting. Well I will tell you. As part of trying new things at the station I have got in a case each of Pepsi and Pepsi-Max. We have often been asked for it and now we have it we are selling it. However, since having it in stock we have had four people come in for a cold drink, look at what we have, then mutter the immortal words, “Oh excellent you have Pepsi-Max in stock!” They have all then picked up a bottle of Diet Coke and bought it to the counter to pay. Before anybody asks, two have been male and two female and none of them have been blonde. Despite a bit of thought about their actions, their logic evades me. Still it all brightens up the day.

Another comment we have had recently in this ongoing heat wave from people entering the building is, “It’s hot today!” I was not aware that so many people have an O-Level in the obvious., after about the fifth person saying it I personally find it hard to either raise a smile or for that matter come back with a sensible comment.

Sometimes we get somebody in that quite brightens up the day, as happened yesterday. Tom and Sue my wife were helping me, with Sue out the back and Tom and I in the front line behind the counter. An old man appeared on a bike, which he left outside, his opening words were, “Would anybody like to see a card trick?” That was enough for me, I was out the back like a shot, claiming that Sue had called me. Now call me a coward but I thought Tom was the ideal Victim Subject for the card trick in question. I was right, some time later there sat a dazed Tom after the man had departed, he had wasted about fifteen minutes and spent nothing. I could be wrong but I am sure I detected Tom tremble slightly as he said “See you again,” as he departed on his bike.

Little things like this make the day pass better, they are for want of a better description amusing highlights. Funny though that the most strange people who visit we only see once.

Over the fourteen years at the station there have been more gems than I care to remember, for example one summers day a few years ago I was seeing a train out, I had two whistles round my neck and a railway tie on. I raised my arm to the guard, he waved his flag blew his whistle to the driver and off went the train. All this had been witnessed by a man and I presume his wife. He looked at my tie, then looked at me and asked, “Do you work here?”

Perhaps I should write an article on all the strange visitors over the years, one thing I know is that it would not be a short article. Anyway it all brightens a day and makes the world go round.

Sometimes you just know.

You occasionally have a couple of days when you just know it will be quiet. The odds are stacked against you and there is not a lot you can do about it.

Take this weekend for example.

Lets look at what we were up against today.

England World Cup Match starting at 3pm
Wimbledon Tennis
British F1 Grand Prix qualifying
Local dog show at the show ground
Hot humid day with temperatures approaching 30c
Diesel main service due to fire risk

I mean it’s a pretty formidable list to be up against, and there is not a lot you can do about any of it.

You could argue of course that you need to get the maximum out of the customers you do have, the snag with that is that you have to have the customers to start with.

Today we had a 100% success rate and sold something, be it a ticket or ice cream to everybody that walked through the door. But before you get carried away you must remember that the number we actually had visit was not exactly high.

Now this I can understand, given the choice I would not have ventured out today, I found it far too hot and humid, there was a breeze but it was nothing to get excited about and did little if anything to cool things down.

We shall see what tomorrow brings, as long as it brings more than just heat and humidity.



Live from the station.

Well here we are doing the blog live from the station on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

On TV is the England football match and in the park is the Race for Life event, two events not likely to do much to increase business. But having said that it’s steady in the shop and a number of people are on the train.

That’s one of the problems of summer there tends to be lots of things for people to do at weekends without going far. That’s ignoring the people who just head for the coast most weekends.

We are running steam this weekend which is good and also the TPO is doing demonstration runs out of the main station at Wansford.

I would guess when I look back at the end of the year this wont have been one of the busiest, but in fairness it wont be one of the quietest either.

Also I think people are getting ready for their holidays in a few weeks and saving the pennies for that.

Having given you my wisdom I will now go back to enjoying the sunshine.

It’s been a bit quiet of late

The last couple of weekends have been a bit on the quiet side.

I can almost hear a few people going into panic mode.

But chatting to people around the city most places have been quiet. Last Sunday my wife went to the heritage festival in the city centre and she commented that it was quieter than previous years. The park staff I have chatted to have also commented that the park has been unusually quiet.

This time of year can be a bit funny, in as much as it’s the middle of the month, not quite payday and people are saving money for their holidays in August.

This weekend sees us running steam so will be interesting to see how busy that makes us.

Watch this space as they say.