Back to normal

Well as normal as anything is on the railway.

Steam back on the line today and this weekend sees a mixed service on both days.

Hop this will being in a few more passengers/customers.

What’s this open on a Tuesday

We were open today, I had a delivery expected hence being there.

Because the delivery can come at any time I was there for just after 9am and it promptly arrived at 1.10pm but that’s the luck of the draw. What it also meant was that the stuff for PNV had to wait for the 3.10pm service so I could just not service the stations with their stuff and go home.

Wife was with me today and the day was not exactly busy, however I took more in tickets today than I did all last weekend. But days can be like that. You can always tell a quiet day, the phone battery gets a hammering as we browse the net and answer emails to keep busy.

Nathan popped in for a natter before first service and was promptly sent to Ferry with some poly cups they were in need of.

He arrived back on the second service just as the delivery arrived  and helped get the stock in, now young Nathan can at times due to his keen nature to help be a bit of hard work, but I must say he got the delivery in quickly and the hardest thing the driver had to do was bring the paperwork to be signed.

Then it was just a case of awaiting the last service and home via Ferry Meadows and the local bus service.

Next day open is Saturday, I await with interest as hopefully we will have steam running again.

Same Railway no monsoon

What a difference 24 hours makes!

No monsoon today, we even had sunshine late afternoon. Not many customers but we had sunshine.

Had Sally & Nigel with me today so that gave me a chance to visit the troops at my other two stations. First port of call was Ferry Meadows, had lunch there and chilled out on the platform chatting to Neville & Robert plus Meg who has moved there from the city centre station.

After catching the rays at Ferry it was off to PNV in the city centre again had a natter and then back to Orton Mere, even came across Paddy doing trainee TTI on the train, I will have to dig out the incriminating pictures of him actually working to make sure he returns! Actually it’s nice to see volunteers doing more than one thing, variation is good.

Plus today the headline news.   I HAVE A KEY FOR THE BARRIER!!!!  Big roll of drums and fanfare of trumpets.

We have also noticed that less people are asking about toilets, must be the rubber bands and rubber bungs I put outside the council ones being used and doing away with the need to look for local loos. Mind you I did hear a big bang this afternoon I am not sure if it was a rubber bung shooting out of somewhere, then again it could have been a boat engine on the river!!

Run on ice cream late in the day as well, poor Sally must have got sick of the sight of Cornettos. An interesting fact about ice cream and that it is a product where if you don’t have what they want the will just buy something else without a murmur.

Here is a picture of the last service of the day arriving at the station, notice the sunshine, mind you the sky looked a bit dark.

IMG00020-20100815-1735Most trains were on time which was unnerving but we coped.

Open again on Tuesday, expecting the wagon train with supplies at some stage so must be there for that.

It’s all excitement on a preserved railway.

Monsoon time on the Nene Valley Indian Hill Railway

What a day, regular downpours when the station looked like one of the Indian hill railways during the monsoon.


The above shows one of the downpours, as you can see we have a nil customer flow, what’s ironic is we ran a diesel service today again because of the danger of crop fires due to the dry weather.

The locomotive in service today was this one the class 40


Always a popular locomotive and a couple of the few passengers we had at the station today came especially to travel behind it.

Nathan was my co-pilot today and he seems convinced that he only comes along on quiet days!!

Customers were few and far between and most were really nice, shame a couple of people lacked the word please from their vocabulary, people do not get the best from the staff when they just utter “Do you have a leaflet” Many people say it’s the young that are rude but in my experience it’s more likely to be older people who lack the basic grasp of manners.

Hopefully better weather tomorrow and it will be a tad drier as well. Time will tell.

Is this really August

Been sitting in the office on the computer most of the day and looking out of the window.

What do I see, well rain lashing down and hammering at the window for a start, even now although it’s dry it looks like autumn out there, is this really August!!!!

If it’s like this over the weekend it will be a pulsating couple of days at the railway, oh well take a good book with me tomorrow I think.

Shame I don’t have a spare battery for the phone, I have a feeling the thing might get a bit of use tomorrow especially the email, browser and games!!

It also comes in tins!!!

What’s this I hear you say…. A posting on a non-running day!!!

Well the blog has suddenly been getting a lot of comments, shame they are not from humans, I have been receiving the electronic version of this!!!!


It is annoying me no end and I may well turn comments off. When I updated yesterday the update had a comment 15 seconds after I put it live, now I know you all await my postings with the expectations of a pauper in a workhouse, but to get spammed in 15 seconds surprised me.

So there you have it, old Arkwright will now have to have a sale of electronic processed meat in cans!!!

Granville fetch a cloth, we have a sign to write.

Just an average day

Well today was just an average day, the normal Sunday locals made an appearance and it stayed dry!

Not as busy as we would have liked I must admit but at least the park opened the parking area which helped.

Sue my wife was with me today and the highlight of the day was having some home made Victoria Sandwich cake she had made both with lunch and morning/afternoon coffee, made with real butter it was superb. Definitely the highlight of the day.

Harry did a bit of harvesting in the allotment and we now have some superb potatoes and red onions, had some of the onion with tea and really excellent.

So that’s it, no irritating customers, no dramas just an average day!!

As Terry Thomas would say “What a shower”

Well a mixed day today, just like being on a beach, it arrived in waves.

First train was late and the rest got even later through the day which is never a good omen!

Good start with a sweaty runner wanting a water bottle filled, without a please in sight, seemed miffed when I said we sold bottled water, if only he had said please I would have filled it for him, they never learn that manners matter.

Ticket sales in dribs and drabs through the day, and four really nice people in staying at the local hotel, it was a pleasure to chat and exchange banter with them even though they did not travel.

Then it rained, well it was bound to happen as it was the Picnic in the park day at Ferry Meadows. A long heavy shower and four people came in to shelter and they bought some refreshments so all was well with the world.

Late end to the day with the last train over 30 minutes late into the city, we started on a timetable and finished on a calendar as we say.

Same service to morrow and as we are swapping locos between steam and diesel at Wansford with no allowed time in the timetable I am sure we will end up as late as today, oh well it will be something to look forward to!

if you go down to the woods today

Nice day on the railway today, I had a meeting with the general manager scheduled for midday so took the first train from Ferry Meadows to Peterborough and then back to Wansford arriving just in time. Even managed to get a sausage roll down my neck before we went up to mission control.

Then after an excellent productive meeting I took the second service back to Peterborough to have a word with the staff there then back to Ferry meadows to have a natter with Neville and Robert before walking to the bus stop to get the bus home.

It made a change to see the railway from the passenger perspective and have a natter also with some of the passengers.

All in all a very productive day.

There is always one

Well due to the Thomas big weekend we were busy again today, and all was going well, then a passenger and his family failed to get on the train to Peterborough, the fact they were going to end up at Wansford and the train was coming back in 25 minutes was neither here nor there. Anyway they stood there as I signalled I was finished with platform duties to the guard who in turn signalled the driver and off they started. The passenger had watched this happen and then moaned at me when the train went without them. When I tried to explain that although unfortunate it was not the end of the world and they would still get to Wansford at exactly the same time he got abusive and uttered the magic “F” word, so I informed him I was not in the mood to be swore at and he uttered it again. I informed him I was not there to be sworn at and that I would no longer continue the conversation.

Needless to say he got on the train to Wansford when it came back from Peterborough. Now I am not paid to be sworn at, for that matter I am not paid and if it was not for the fact the child was obviously looking forward to seeing Thomas then they would not have travelled, at least not by train.

People like this amaze me surely they are out for a day out and to enjoy themselves, things like this occasionally happen and they are easily sorted, but not if you swear, do that then Arkwright loses interest.

Other than that it was busy and we had some nice passengers, trains almost on time and Jason who was helping Sue and myself was walking round in a daze muttering he had never seen the car park and platform so busy! Certainly it made the day go quicker.

Mention must also be made of Paul who was doing his first solo as a signalman at Orton Mere, he did well but needs to be educated in the art of spending money at the station!! But the lad will learn.

Running Tuesday to Friday next week but I am otherwise committed so will not be opening until next Saturday. Though I have a meeting with the great and the good at mission control on Wednesday, and all will be revealed when appropriate!

Right a busy week ahead work wise before we play trains again next weekend.