The sounds of silence

Well a dull humid day today and just 2 paying customers and that was in the shop.

Closed after the second train, would have been less hassle just to have chucked my bus fare into the pot.

Roll on Saturday.

the staff outnumbered the customers

Today was one of those days where the staff outnumbered the customers

The forecast of rain did not help, and it was dull and humid all day with a couple of showers, with the longest just before we closed. Mind you Harry was down first thing watering the garden so no wonder we had rain later!!

A few regulars but all in all a disappointing day business wise. One of those days when you wonder if it would have been better staying home.

Paddy and Jason with me today hence the title of this blog, still much interesting conversation was had so even though quiet it was enjoyable. Jason gets better each time he is with us and is a valuable member of the team.

Couple of days of proper work now then playing trains on Wednesday.

Two out of three is not bad

Well I had great hopes for today but they were dashed……

We had the sunshine, we had the trains shame we did not have the customers!!!

Lovely sunshine first thing then it just went slightly dull but very humid, and the passers by just vanished.

It was far too hot and oppressive to be out on the trains, but we did have passers by coming in for ice cream, drinks and information.

But I had hoped for better, we will see what tomorrow brings, though heavy showers are forecast I gather, still if it’s like today then we will sell out of ice cream I am sure.

Looking after the fans!!

The main computer here in the office is on 24/7 and gets a bit dusty inside.

So every 3 months it’s a case of powering down and cleaning the fans heat sinks and the CPU heat sink.

Had the pleasure of that task this morning, there was enough dust in the tower to grow spuds! But after a blast with compressed air (You should never use a vacuum cleaner) all is clean again and the tower is back to it’s quiet self. No doubt the CPU is happier as well without all the dust blocking the fins of the heat sink.

Also cleaned the keyboard as well by the simple method of turning it over and banging lightly against the desk, amazing the bits that fell out, it is claimed that there are more germs on the average keyboard than on a toilet seat.

Ah well back to work and look forward to playing trains tomorrow.

A little bit of everything

Mixed day today with a bit of everything.

Weather wise we had rain, wind, cloud & sunshine though not at the same time I am pleased to say.

Steady passenger and shop wise and Paddy & I were not exactly rushed.

Without doubt highlight of the day was a 94yr old gentleman and two of his family. They took him to Wansford to see Brian, he was as bright as a button for his age and was a pleasure to talk to he is the nicest passenger we had all year and I am only sorry we did not have longer to talk to him.

Trains ran to time as near as made no difference and we had some really nice passengers and shop customers.

The trains are running all week but I am not open again until Saturday as I have a busy week ahead work wise.

Heading in the right direction.

Well today was better than yesterday, come to think of it anything would be better than yesterday.

Today we had sunshine and a cold wind, but we had something even more important we had passengers.

We also had a puzzle, and the puzzle was this…. When the station is shut but people come through the gate to rest on the platform seating do they leave the gate open? But when we are open why do they insist on keep shutting the gate? Answers on a postcard please….

Jason with me today for the second time and he enjoyed himself with the steady stream of entertainment, whoops make that passengers that came through the door. He has even cracked using the till which is a bonus.

We had a Russian couple who were visiting from Latvia and thankfully the lady’s English was better than my Russian and we managed to get them on the train and also a trip behind Thomas, which was very pleasing. The spoke to Jason when they returned and they had enjoyed themselves which of course is the whole object of it all.

Ticket sales were for a change excellent but the shop could have been better, still we can work on that.

Highlights of the day…

The services were all within a couple of minutes of time which was good.

A few of the regulars ventured out and spent a bit of money.

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday and I have Paddy with me which will add to the day so hopefully the weather will be with us as well.

Time as they say will tell………

Oh look it’s raining

Well what a dismal day.

Closed early as we had no customers, one person in 3 hours does not a rush make as they say.

Let us hope it is better tomorrow.

Shame today Russ came to help, it was not a good day for your first on a station. Must drag him back when we are going to be busier.

A gem from Sunday

Just remembered this gem from Sunday.

How much are the £1.70 Magnum ice creams?

I weep for humanity sometimes!!!

Old Arkwright

Well that was exciting!!

Well that was an exciting day!

Closed on the second train as nobody about, but at least the delivery was early and the train was the earliest it’s been late on a Wednesday for a long time.

Next excitement will be three days at the weekend for the bank holiday.

On my own, by myself, well almost

What a super day, the sun shone, Thomas ran and all was well with the world.

Single manned today but Harry was there doing the garden and kept an eye on the station whilst I sorted the trains.

To say I am shattered is an understatement!

People turned out to see Thomas come through and actually came in and spent money I am pleased to say.

Here are a couple of pictures of Thomas, one tender first on it’s way to Peterborough and one chimney first as he returned to Wansford.

100_0656  100_0657

Nice to see lots of happy passengers on the train. The staff at PNVR did exceptionally well and worked hard, even selling ice cream from the platform.

Now a couple of days away from the railway and out to play trains again on Wednesday.