Blimey that was cold

Well just done a day at Orton Mere and it was one of the coldest I can remember, not exactly busy with only about 8 hot drinks done. Sue my wife helped me today and had to be surgically removed from the fan heater if a customer came in!! She was quite rightly not in the best of moods by the end of the day.

The 4F provided the steam power today, here is a shot of it arriving from City Centre on the second service of the day.

Towards the end of the day when it was getting dusk it was really cold, and there were people out and about with small children who looked as though they would rather be at home watching a cartoon. Instead they were sitting or standing shivering whilst their parents told them they would enjoy looking at the steam train, the look they were giving their parents suggested otherwise.

Some of the normal look but buy nothing brigade out as well, they have the ability to scatter if there is any danger somebody is going to talk to them.

Best part of the day was getting home into the warm, if we are going to do serious winter opening then we have got to look at proper heating and insulation in the stations.

Train seemed quiet on all services, we certainly did not do a ticket. Money wise a waste of time opening.

Now off to defrost!!!

Last day of the year

Well today is the last day of 2009 and I single manned Orton Mere.

Gawd it was cold, and not exactly lively, we had two passengers who paid on the train and four lookers and that was it.

Thankfully lots of sorting to be done so no time to be bored. Even then I closed after the second service. We are not opening the station building on New Years day, if it’s as in previous new years days then it will be quiet at the station.

Looking at the few people passing I am tempted to ask those with dogs why they regard a bag of dog crap as a trophy, they walk along swing them in the air as though they are about to hurl them for their dogs to catch. Most strange!!

Every journey needs a first step

Well this is the start of Old Arkwrights Blog.

No mud slinging allowed.
On doubt the layout and colours will change as I have a play, but like working on the railway the object is to have fun…
Instead of my yearly ramblings I will now be doing a regular blog, but as with the yearly offerings don’t expect mud slinging or major moans.
There is a time and place to moan and here is not it!!

Old Arkwright