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The Diesel Gala

Well what a great three days, but before I go through all the excitement just a quick word of thanks to all those who helped me at Orton Mere this weekend. Firstly Sue my wife followed in no special order by Peter & his daughter Susan, Sally & Nigel, Cris and even Harry who popped in as he had some free time offering to help. Plus last but not least David the railways president who visited on Friday & Saturday and on Friday helped on the platform. My thanks to all of you for you help no matter how small, it all contributed to the event being a success at the station.

The railway issued the following just before the gala.

60 Locomotive (60074) “Teenage spirit” which was named in honour of the Teenage cancer trust and appearing at the Nene Valley Railway Diesel gala this weekend.

In light of recent events and with the permission of The Teenage cancer trust the railway have decided to dedicate this Gala to the memory of fundraiser Stephen Sutton.


66074 was the star of the show this weekend, and here are some pictures of it in service at my station, they are in no particular order.

CIMG1284 CIMG1285 CIMG1299 CIMG1300 CIMG1305 CIMG1306

The stage was set Friday morning for a good gala, the weather forecast was on our side and we had a good lineup of locomotives.

I think it’s fair to say that the gala was the most successful for quite a few years. We were busy all three days and on the Friday the brake van rides up the Fletton Branch were well supported.

We were to put it in simple terms BUSY!!! We sold out of most things and did a decent number of tickets on all the days. The last couple of services on Sunday ran a shade late due to a failure of the class 40 at city centre. This involved fetching staffs, and rescue locomotives plus some shunting thrown in for good measure. But we got there in the end, and everybody seemed happy. I am personally exhausted doing in the region of 35 hours over the three days including almost thirteen today, leaving at just before 8pm after a 7.15am start.

So here are some images, in no particular order of the locomotives passing and stopping at Orton Mere over the three days.

CIMG1286 CIMG1287 CIMG1288 CIMG1290 CIMG1291 CIMG1292 CIMG1294 CIMG1295 CIMG1296 CIMG1297 CIMG1298 CIMG1301 CIMG1303 CIMG1304 CIMG1308 CIMG1310 CIMG1313 CIMG1316 CIMG1317 CIMG1318 CIMG1320 CIMG1321 CIMG1323 CIMG1324


The latter ones show the convoy of visitors leaving just after 7.30pm this evening.

Normal services resume on Wednesday and I have a delivery coming in of stock to sell over the bank holiday next weekend.

Now some of you will be expecting a few fun photographs that I took to appear in the blog, well I am sorry to say that they were just that fun photographs and I have no wish to embarras the unsuspecting victims. They will remain locked in Arkwright’s vault for display at a future date perhaps!

Tomorrow (Monday) I have declared a recovery day!